Happy 2019

Happy New Year!

As I welcome 2019 with open arms, I must pay my respects to the year that has passed. Like any year, 2018 held so many ups and downs, but there was something different within me that allowed the ups to be celebrated while the downs were managed. 2018 was the year that I started painting seriously again. I graduated in 1993 and despite trying to keep painting, my work, family and travels made it pretty much impossible. I called myself a ‘lapsed-artist,’ which I figured allowed me some street-cred while I figured out what I was interested in and capable of. I am someone that lives inside her head most of the time, but I knew that without venturing outside of my imagination, I would not fulfill the life that I wanted to lead.

At the beginning of last year, I found out my sister-in-law was sick. Sandra doesn’t know it, but she is so inspirational to me. She is a ray of light and positivity all while doing interesting work as a professor, writing books and doing TED Talks. She is active and living her dreams, while I was lazy and dreaming dreams. I started whispering to myself that I just had to try. I signed up for a workshop with an artist that I admired. Randy Hayashi’s class pushed me to keep working when my insecurities told me to stop. my whispers got a little louder and I kept trying to improve and keep working. I lost my job and while searching for something new, I filled my days with painting and colour.

So, as 2019 starts a fresh year of opportunity, I want my whispers to keep pushing me. This year, I want to learn more about running a business. I want to find a ‘day’ job while still painting. I hope to have a showing of my art somewhere and maybe even a gallery represent my work. This year will be wonderful, no matter what happens.

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